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Selling homes has never been easier

Show your homes to the world on Nexme—

Promotion on our website and mobile apps
Being a nexme partner means that when our users are looking for a lender, they’ll see your company front and center.
Instantly connect with active home buyers
Qualified prospective homebuyers enter their information and can upload a pre-approval letter before making an offer. You get everything you need to help your client, without asking questions or having them fill out forms.
Instant offers from home buyers
We provide you with a best in technology agent dashboard, where you can track leads, offers, upcoming tours, and more.
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Immediate access

Seeing homes and local real estate agents gives them the power to make better decisions and to get a better price

Offer made easy

Buyers can submit an offer anytime, anywhere, increasing the volume of overall deals.

50% commission rebate

Buyers see the value in Nexme vs the traditional real estate marketplace.

Available Locations

Where is Nexme available?
Nexme is available in Washington state and Massachusetts.
California coming soon!


Nexme is not involved in your new home contract and does not take any of your commission. Our goal is to provide home builders with a frictionless process to move inventory faster and to provide home buyers with a more seamless way to buy. There is no fee for home builders to partner with Nexme.