Corporate Partners Program

A Seamless Home Buying and Selling Experience for your Employees

Finding and buying the right home is complicated and it takes time. Whether your employees are moving to the area, or relocating to work remotely, we can help them with all their real estate needs, saving them time and eliminating stress. We give your HR team peace of mind in knowing that employees will be up and running in no time.


Nexme gives your employees:

Vetted, Qualified Agents

Give your employees peace of mind and help them hit the ground running by eliminating the hassle of finding a real estate agent. We offer professional, vetted, local real estate agents that deliver full service, on demand.

Same-Day Tours & Make an Offer

We provide instant access to homes through our Tour Now feature. Employees can also make an offer on a home from anywhere in the world, within minutes., and one less thing to worry about in an already stressful situation.

Half Commission Cash Back

Our Nexme real estate agent partners are committed to giving your employees 50% of their commission back. This cash back can cover a portion of, if not all, the closing costs, taxes, insurance, and more. No strings attached.

24/7 Support

Nexme customer service is on 24/7, we want your employees to feel like they have a Nexme real estate agent partner every step of the way whether it’s buying or selling a home.

Join the Nexme Corporate Partners Program
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